Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our goal is to understand and achieve your goal. But you’re new to this and may not even know what goals are possible. Here are some of our former clients’ goals realized:

  • Keep this out of the newspaper, out of the press
  • Allow me to keep my job
  • Keep me out of jail
  • I’m innocent – can you take my case to trial and win?
  • No sex offender registration at the end of all of this, please.
  • Will you negotiate the best resolution possible for me?
  • More important than anything is that my family stays intact – I don’t want other people hurt by these accusations.
  • Can I have you represent me and still afford to pay my other bills?

Answering these questions requires understanding more about you and more about the allegations. Do you have a criminal record? Does the person who is accusing you have a motive or a bias against you? Do you have significant ties to the community or are you just passing through? How motivated is the other side to make this into a news story? Do you have the ability to post bail? Have you ever failed to appear in court before? Have you talked to the police and, if so, what have you said?

Sex crime defense is the focus of Valerie Wright’s practice. She has successfully tried dozens upon dozens of cases, here in Central Oregon and throughout the State. Scheduling a private consultation is the best way for you to become educated and for her to gather the information necessary to begin to answer your questions.